The Studio

Bareneed Studios is a valuable, welcomed arts and cultural business in a small community. The year-round dual studio space is the town’s former general store. It offers artists, curators and all creative types a getaway from their everyday existence for an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context. Bareneed Studios encourages cultural exchange through local, provincial, national and international artists-in-residence for durations of one to six months. It will accept artists of all kinds, but with some exceptions based on the materials used.

Additional Details

    • Shared bathroom and kitchen, with separate working and sleeping arrangements.
    • Laundry services are available and accessible in Pippy’s home, directly across the street.
    • Building features all new electrical. In the event of a power outage, instructions exist for using the wood stove and resetting the water pump.
    • Art supplies must be picked up in St. John’s or ordered online.
    • Studio design supports artists to use non-toxic and biodegradable materials, avoiding large volumes of potable water. This preserves the natural environment and protects the buildings’ artesian well and septic tank.
    • Artists-in-residence are expected to be self-sufficient – finding their own transportation to and from Bareneed and to nearby Bay Roberts for shopping and other amenities.
    • During their residencies, artists may engage local communities by inviting public viewings, providing workshops or hosting lectures and presentations.
    • Additionally, artists shall leave a work sample for the Studios’ own collection.
    • Any work sales will be the artist’s responsibility.

Art modalities sustained by the studios includes, but is not limited to: